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We take great pride in the introduction of our newly acquired fully automated CNC controlled Mandrel pipe bending machine for the bending of pipes/tubes and profiles made of mild steel or stainless steel with profiles from 40 mm to 140mm. We provide the best pipe bending solutions for the client’s needs, even recommending different fit for purpose options, thereby forging partner relationships.

The machine is a CNC controlled mandrel bending machine for bending pipes and profiles made of steel or stainless steel. It consists of a machine base frame with a free-standing bending head to ensure the greatest possible bending freedom and is equipped with a twisting unit, mandrel withdrawal and counter bearing. The twisting unit positions the pipe automatically in length and rotation, the bending of the pipe can be done in freely programmable angles. It is equipped with a central controller that links all individual components of the production machine. The controller enables flexible programming and operation of the system.

To protect the personnel working on the machine, the production machine is surrounded by a fixed safety fence. The front area is open and is monitored by a safety laser scanner.

Various modes of operation can be selected on the controller and program corrections can be made. Automatic mode is the normal operating mode of the machine.

The pipe is clamped in the clamping device of the twisting unit and is spatially twisted and moved by the twisting unit and can be bent in different angles. This results in spatially different pipe geometries. To prevent the tube from collapsing and wrinkles from forming at the bending point, a mandrel and fold smoother is used.

After the bending process, the pipe is removed manually from the mandrel bending machine. The new machine will dramatically improve quality and reduce the time and cost involved in bending pipes. The way pipe-bending of thick wall thickness pipes is currently done involves manually welding together two pipes and an elbow or alternatively complete bent pipes are imported. This technologically advanced pipe-bending machine will not only increase the speed at which the pipe bending and fabrication can be done, it will substantially increase quality. This makes the products and services offered by us much more efficient with quicker turnaround times.

All sectors can be serviced in which the bending of steel and stainless steel tubing is required, including but not limited to: Ship Repairs, Ship Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Mining, Hydraulics, Refrigeration, Manufacturing, Automotive, Chemical, Agriculture, Agro-processing, Communications, General Industrial, Construction, etc.

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