Africa Projects

Steel Fabrication, Piping Installation, Shipbuilding & Repairs, Labour Hire  

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Our Services

1. Onshore and Offshore Engineering Projects.
2. Pipe Fabrication and Installation
3. Maintenance of installations and Plants.
4. Welding Services (Including NDT inspection, heat treatment).

Our Mission

Our Mission is to Promote and Enhance Skills Development locally and internationally whilst providing an up-to-date high quality engineering work that meets our client's and current engineering standards.

Our Policy

Our Company Policy is based on the following Legislative Acts but not limited to:

* Labour Relations
* Basic Conditions Of Employment Act
* Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Disease Act
* Employment Insurance Act
* Occupational Health and Safety Act

Our Values

We value honesty and forthright employees that provide excellent customer service. We believe ethical employees forster public trust and a strong foundation for future business relationships.


We value employees that present creative and proactive solutions for solving challenges within our workplace. We believe that innovative employees foster cutting edge solutions and visionary ideas that will place us in a leadership role in the skills development and engineering field.

Approvals, Affiliation And Membership

Our Company understands the necessity and the importance of the above and as a result vigorous consultation with relevant Departments and Organization is underway.


We, the Members commit ourselves to ensure that our clients standards and obligations are understood and met and that the necessary Human Resources are in place for the Company to meet it's objectives and constantly review market requirements.